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Data Backup

Data Backup

Firewalls are essential to protecting your network from outside intrusion and reducing the risk of your company's records and files being compromised. After years of working with various makes and models, Pacific States recommends the Cyberguard SG line for small and mid-sized businesses. Affordable without sacrificing functionality, they provide robust security and ease of maintenance.

NovaBACKUP has been helping millions of users recover from data loss and disasters for over 16 years. Feature rich, NovaBACKUP provides a powerful backup solution at a competitive price. Built-in support for hundreds of the most popular storage devices and a step-by-step Backup and Restore Wizard in the new version 7.1 makes NovaBACKUP extremely easy to use.

NovaNET Network Backup Software
NovaNET Backup offers a complete solution for protecting all your critical information in any enterprise network environment. NovaNET Backup is a low cost solution addressing the storage needs for large and small networks. NovaNET's Distributed Architecture with intelligent storage management provides superior performance, unparalleled scalability and total reliability.

NovaNET Open File Manager Software
NovaStor's new Open File Manager 9 works in conjunction with NovaNET, NovaNET-WEB or NovaBACKUP to capture open files, even if they are changing during a backup. Open File Manager synchronizes the data at a point in time when it is stable across the entire file system, guaranteeing a coherent backup while maintaining the relational integrity among groups of related files, even if they are located across different volumes. With Open File Manager, there is no need to close applications or lock out users during a backup. Run your backups at anytime with no interruption to anyone. Seamless and comprehensive protection for all your data.

InstantRecovery is a self-contained disaster recovery solution for PCs. The disk imaging software quickly performs a "physical disk" image backup of any hard drive or partition directly to CD-R/CD-RW, hard disk, removable drives, or tape drive. Version 4 can now write the backup image to a file on a local (larger) disk leaving the remaining space unused. Includes USB 2.0 and FireWire 1394 removable-media* device support, bringing a wide array of technologies together in one special package! InstantRecovery comes with advanced features for spanning media, software compression, data comparison and recovery.

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