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Firewall Security

Firewalls are essential to protecting your network from outside intrusion and reducing the risk of your company's records and files being compromised. After years of working with various makes and models, Pacific States recommends the Cyberguard SG line for small and mid-sized businesses. Affordable without sacrificing functionality, they provide robust security and ease of maintenance.

The SG300 is a compact, feature-rich network security appliance that is perfect for securing very small networks and allowing for remote employee access. Adequate for most small companies or to allow remote access for salesmen or senior management from offsite locations or home offices, the SG300 is a great value.

The SG570 security appliance provides central site VPN, firewall and session load balancing capabilities with the capacity to securely connect hundreds or thousands of mobile and remote employees.

The SG710 is the flagship of the CyberGuard's SG Series of firewall/VPN appliances. With multi-megabit throughput, four fast Ethernet ports standard, and the option for two additional gigabit ports, the ICSA-certified SG710 is an excellent solution for branch offices of large organizations, as well as central offices of small to mid-sized enterprises (SME).

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