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Network Design and Installation

Whether you are looking to install your very first network or redesigning the one you have outgrown, Pacific States has over a decade of experience designing network architecture to meet a company's requirements and budget. We build a foundation that allows your network to grow along with your business, without requiring a complete redesign to meet your future needs.

Network Support And Maintenance

Like any complex system, your company's computer network requires maintenance to prevent problems from occurring and to perform at optimum efficiency. Pacific States provides in depth troubleshooting on network failures and problems and brings your network to a minimum standard condition. This level provides the most stable platform to operate on and ensures that any future maintenance can be done effectively and without wasted time that would need to be spent on unusual configurations, outdated architectures or incorrect settings. Once your network is this level, we do routine checks while on site for any support issues, to make sure things are running smoothly and no potential failure points exist. Our team approach assigns each client a Primary and Secondary Engineer to provide overlapping and consistent coverage for any issues that may occur.

Upgrade Recommendations

Many companies operate with existing hardware and systems that they have outgrown. One of our first responsibilities to a client is to take a systems inventory, evaluate it against their current business needs and then advise if it is adequate or if any upgrades are recommended. We are experts in helping clients upgrade while on a budget. Not everything needs to be the latest and most expensive, and our experience allows us to fit the hardware to the need without paying for functionality that will never be needed. There are many options when upgrades are required and we present the ones that best meet our clients' needs, for now and future growth.

Hosting Services

As part of our total support philosophy, Pacific States provides email and web hosting to clients that want to consolidate all of their IT support in one area. By hosting these services, we are able to monitor and evaluate performance and provide immediate response when needed. An additional bonus is the security of the hosted services. Pacific States is located at a site protected by Homeland Security. It is a gated area with restricted access, a local fire department and a local police department. This extra security helps ensure your services remain uninterrupted.

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